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Camp Washington Arts Camp: A Weeklong  Arts Intensive

  • ages 12 – 16

  • Final arts show on Friday(open to family, friends, & community) 

  • Only 10 spaces available in each track.

  • 8 tracks to choose from(Please note that there is no switching between tracks)

  • 4 inVisual Arts & 4 in Performing Arts

Visual Arts tracks:
Drawing & Painting: Throughout the week of drawing and painting, the principals of design will be reviewed and applied practically to artwork. Campers will be able to further their understanding of the fundamentals of art while adding to their existing skill set.

Illustration/Character Design: Campers will spend time creating characters and learning the art of visual storytelling. By the end of the week, campers will walks away with the fundamentals of building a story and a small book of their own. These skills can be applied to comic books, memes, and even children’s books!

Jewelry Making: This week will consist of several small projects which will allow campers to focus on different jewelry making foundations. Some of these skills will include knot tying, wire wrapping, use of small hand tools, glass painting and mounting, permanent decoupage, and bead design.

Photography: A week in photography will have campers learning about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity. Campers will learn about proper lighting, indoors and outdoors photography, and proper photo exposures.

performing Arts tracks:

Vocal Music: Fine tune your vocal skills, working on breathing, vowel pronunciation, intonation, and more! Bring a piece you are hoping to audition with and let’s strengthen your performance! Be prepared for an intense 4 days of vocal work. We will also work on how to warm up your vocal cords to avoid strain and stress to your cords and in your performance.

Instrumental Music: The instrumental track will allow the campers to learn about many different types of instruments while also learning more about performing on their own instruments. Learn basic instrumental methods, practice techniques, new songs, and so much more. Bring your instruments and your favorite pieces and get ready for a super fun week of making music together at camp!

Dance: Camp Washington invites you to be a part of an amazing international experience through dance! Come and learn the most internationally recognized Latin dances such as Salsa and Bachata among other from the hand of a native Latin American teacher who is willing to guide you through her culture while you learn new dance steps!

Acting: The acting focus is a week for campers that are interested in acting and acquiring techniques to bring out the best in their performances. During the intensive week, campers will learn and work on movement and vocal techniques, how to warm up, improvisation, text analysis and more. The introduction to acting training and ensemble building is designed to give campers a solid foundation for future theatrical endeavors while also engaging in practical skills like leadership, empathy and creativity.

Programs are subject to change.

Camp Washington has been nurturing exploration and transformation for over 100 years! Established in 1917, Camp Washington’s beautiful 300 acre campus in the Litchfield Hills welcomes people of all faith traditions to find God in nature, to relax and learn, to have fun and make life long friends!  Camp Washington is the official camp and retreat center of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

We strive to create a community where children and staff, through teamwork, individual exploration and worship, can grow closer to God, as revealed in Jesus Christ. At Camp Washington we promote the enjoyment of nature through education and creativity, the strength of a community based on both togetherness and independence,  and the ability to enable each person towards the recognition of their responsibility as stewards of God’s creation.

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