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Bart Geissinger
Executive Director

Why Camp Washington is important  >


I am richly blessed to be serving as Executive Director. Some of my greatest childhood memories are of Camp -

I couldn’t wait to introduce my son to Camp Washington. The community here is inclusive and welcoming. We invite God’s children of all ages into a safe place to explore their faith, and their relationship and responsibility to creation, a place to simply play and be God’s children.


The simple joys of a sunset, a campfire, a summer afternoon rain shower, the smile of a child making a new friend, the high five of a victorious capture the flag game are the things that bring me joy. I couldn’t think of a better place to “work” and I am so excited about the future of Camp Washington.

Diane Atwood
Operations Manager

Why Camp Washington is a "happy place"  >


​Camp Washington is a kind and caring community in which I have been blessed to work for the past 17 years… it’s my "happy place". Coming to Camp has given me so much; family, fun, faith, creativity & much more.  Not only do I get the enjoyment of meeting new people all of the time, but also I see familiar faces return to Camp year after year.


Camp Washington is a place where you can be yourself, surrounded by nature and community.

Ben Thompson
Director of Food Services

Why I love Camp Washington  >


​CW is a wonderful community of diverse personalities, where EVERYONE  is welcomed and accepted.  As Chef and Director of Food Services, I’ve worked and lived at Camp Washington with my family for 17 years. 


I cannot think of a better place to raise a child or work.  It has become a beloved part of our lives and for that we are grateful.

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