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Around God’s Table - a Liturgical Festival

May 6 -7 , 2017

A Collaboration of Christ Church Cathedral & Camp Washington

Around God’s Table - Workshop Descriptions


Table Talk RSVP

How is the altar like every other table but like no other table? What are the ‘church’ names for all the altar ware and what do they symbolize and stand for? We’ll talk about the partnership between Altar Guild members, acolytes, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and clergy in making the worship life of a congregation run smoothly. We will unveil “the stack” and learn the names and purposes of the different vestments, vessels, and linens used at all services of the church. Everyone has a role to play in this meal and you are the invited guest! Led by June Aziz and Connie Baines-Christ Church Cathedral.


Herding Cats, aka Verging

Learn about some of the typical verger duties as well as some of the history of verging and where to get online assistance from VGEC (Verger’s Guild of the Episcopal Church). “Vergers in Action Today” will give hints and tips on how to perform as a liturgical emcee, with hints about marching around in processions. Practice your new learned skills on the spot, plus check out verges for leading the way. Led by Richard Lammlin-St. John’s, Essex and Peggy Ornell- Christ Church Cathedral.

Liturgical Banners: Part 1 & Part 2

Description coming soon

Lectors 101: The Word According to THE BOOK

Afraid of speaking in public? Welcome to the club! Afraid that God is listening and keeping score on your performance? Doesn’t work that way! (And you may need to listen a little more carefully in church….) Want to do one of the greatest services you can perform for your church community, and receive a blessing like no other, that’s right there waiting for YOU? Welcome to the lectern of an Episcopal Church, which is populated by people just like you! Led by Rev. Jack Gilpin- St. John’s, New Milford


Playing with Fire

Torches, candles, incense––acolytes help light the way in worship. Who can robe the quickest? Who can match the names with the tools of the trade? Why do we do what we do, anyways? Learn the inside lingo and have fun at the same time. Leave your cinctures, cottas, and scapulas at home, but don’t forget your sneakers. Led by Sharon Ely Pearson, St. Matthew’s, Wilton


Music Clinic: Part 1

The music workshop is designed for youth and adults of all levels, and will include some useful dos and don’ts in choral singing and repertoire, as well as some practical guidelines on how to serve in a church choir (including small choir). During the workshop, we will work on some exciting choral works that will be sung at the Eucharistic service at Christ Church Cathedral, the following day. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Led by Dr. Robert August- Christ Church Cathedral


Worship Planning

Preparation for Sunday’s worship at the Cathedral for participating lectors, acolytes, vergers, and Eucharistic ministers.

Led by Peggy Ornell and The Very Rev. Miguelina Howell- Christ Church Cathedral


Liturgical Jeopardy

Chalice, paten, pall, aspergillium, host, cirborium…What are all these words and more? Organ, priest, deacon, bishop, altar, torch. Stand, sit, kneel. Everything we do and use in worship has a name. Join a team to play this familiar game to test what your knowledge about the objects everyone sees but few know the names. Led by Sharon Ely Pearson and Richard Lammlin


Holy Smokes, Batman!

A hands-on workshop showcasing the special ministry of the thurifer, along with highlighting the use of the Sanctus Bells. Review the equipment, technique, and the history of the use of incense in worship.

Led by Rev. Carlos de la Torre, Christ Church New Haven


Music Clinic: Part 2

During the second music session, we will continue to build on the work we started in the morning. We will focus on deeper elements of musicianship (beyond just learning the notes) and finalize preparation of Sunday’s anthems. The workshop will be interspersed with some general tips regarding posture, voice control, and musicianship.


The Episcopal Church Welcomes You Always: A Gospel Value Consistent with God's Mission

God is clearly at work both within our faith communities and in the world around us.  Being in community––whether within our walls or outside our doors––is a crucial part of participating in God's Mission of restoration & reconciliation. Too often, we forget what welcoming the stranger means and how we can most effectively do so. This workshop explores the components and questions our faith communities can engage as they move deeper into authentic, gospel-based hospitality. Drawing on experience, Scripture and models of Christian welcome, participants will come away with concrete tools to bring back home and take into the world. Led by The Rev. Bob Hooper- St. James’, West Hartford


Keynote Address- The Rev. Carlos de la Torre: Our Selves, Our Souls and Bodies:

Our Participation in the Sacraments of God

As the people of God, we are called to participate in God's Holy Sacraments, most notably Baptism and Eucharist. These rituals of our Church are often led by faithful clergy on behalf of all who have gathered to glorify God, however, none of them are possible without the participation of the gathered body -- the baptized. Participation of the baptized in our common worship as acolytes, readers, greeters, and simply as active participants in prayer and worship are necessary functions in our Church. All the baptized are invited to participate in the Sacramental life of the Church and moreover, are called and needed to actively serve in order for common worship to happen.

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