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We are so excited for 2024 and another year of awesome Camp and Programs -

There is so much to be excited for!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Wishing you a New Year filled with peace, love, hope, and endless possibility.

On behalf of the entire Camp Washington community, thank you for your love and support.

May God’s abundant grace bless you, and fill you with love and peace.

Falling Leaves

At Camp Washington, we strive to...

Provide brave, safe space for all God’s children to feel the welcome and inclusivity of a supportive community.

Provide a place where campers and staff can grow closer to God and God’s abundant love, by providing opportunities for community and personal exploration. 

Provide a place for all to relax, renew and recharge in God’s creation, and grow individually by stressing personal involvement, education, and creativity. 

Provide a community for all to learn and practice the values of team work, interdependence, and independence.  

Help each person recognize our responsibilities as stewards of God’s creation and resources, and our responsibilities to each other as  God’s beloved.

Events at CW
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The Camp Washington Fund

The Camp Washington Fund touches virtually all aspects of the our community.


When you give to the CW Fund you are giving to the future of Camp Washington, our programs, and people.


The CW Fund is the most direct way that you can support our commitment to the stewardship of God’s creation, affirming and supporting discipleship, and exploring new ways to join in God’s mission of reconciliation and restoration.

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